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मराठवाडा शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळाचे विनायकराव पाटील महाविद्यालय, वैजापूर

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
College With Potential For Excellence (CPE)
Re-Accredited by NAAC ‘A’ Grade with CGPA 3.33 (3rd cycle 2016)
ISO 21001-2018 Certified (EOMS)
STRIDE and Paramarsh Schemes by UGC

Department of BCA बी. सी. ए. विभाग

Management Science Department (B.C.A.) was established by the institution in the academic year 2006-07, so as to make possible to the student of Arts Commerce, Science and M.C.V.C.faculty to learn in Management Faculty. Management Science Faculty was made effective from academic year 2006-07. Obviously after establishing Management Science Faculty at college which is in rural area it is possible for rural students to acquire management education. It is necessary for modern competitive environment.


  • Strengthening the student’s skills and talent to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • To pave way for employment opportunities and sustainability in all spheres of life.
  • Computer Science course is aimed at developing advance level technical skill for the professional needs of the industries. 


  • Students will be introduced to basic computer concepts.
  • Students will learn about the Internet, the World Wide Web.
  • Students will be introduced to a variety of Application, Educational Software.
  • Students will be introduced to an overview of Network communications technology.
  • Students will learn about computer and Internet Security, Ethics, and Privacy.
  • Students will be introduced to the program development & programming languages.
  • Students will be presented with a broad overview of computer-related careers, career development, and certification.
  • Provide students with up-to-date training in the discipline so as to prepare them to take on entry level positions in IT sector.
  • Provide students with a sufficiently broad range of courses to enable them to be successful in postgraduate programmers anywhere in the world.
  • Employ a range of assessment methods and techniques and to enable students to demonstrate the depth of their understanding and their capacity for independent thought.
  • To give students support and guidance for choosing their future career.

HOD's Message:

The BCA department established in june 2006 for encouragement  professional education in Rural area.The department aims in setting goal for students to lead balanced, successful life with proper health, good  relationship, and mental peace. Also our goal is to create a better world through education, research and extension activities.With the constant encouragement of our staff, many of our students have selected in various placement campus . students also participated in intercollegiate competitions in academics and won various prizes.  These activities have helped the students to go for higher studies.Remedial classes are conducted successfully for the academic betterment of the students. These activities have helped the students to go for higher studies. To create more interest in the subjects, students are motivated by giving more examples, diagrammatic representations , their application in the real world using modern techniques. The BCA departments continuous starving for students success in their life.





Mr. Abhijit Thorat
Head of the Department of BCA

The programme offered: BCA

Courses offered:

F. Y. B. C. A.

Semester –I

  1. Industrial Economics
  2. Business Statitics
  3. Office Automation
  4. Communication Skill
  5. Operating System
  6. Accountancy

Semester -II

  1. Accountancy II
  2. Industrial Organization
  3. Mathematics
  4. Programming in C
  5. Principal of Management
  6. Operating System II

S. Y. B. C. A.

Semester – III

  1. E- Business Essential
  2. Business Law
  3. Principal Of Management
  4. Oops Using C++
  5. Data Structure & Algorithum
  6. DbMs

Semester -IV

  1. Cost accountancy
  2. Business Law II
  3. Enterprenership Development
  4. Java Programming
  5. MIS & DSS
  6. Networking

T. Y. B. C. A.

Semester –V

  1. Management Accounting
  2. Organization Behaviour
  3. Business Elective_I
  4. Rdbms using Oracle
  5. VB 6
  6. IT Elective I


  1. Business Law III
  2. Business Elective II
  3. Elements of Commercial Portal
  4. Android
  5. IT Elective II
  6. Project
  • BCA First-year Restructured Syllabus with effect from the academic year 2018-19- Sem-I  View PDF,  Sem-II  View PDF 

  • BCA Second-year Restructured Syllabus with effect from the academic year 2019-20-Sem-III  View PDF, Sem-IV  View PDF 

  • BCA Third-year Restructured Syllabus with effect from the academic year 2020-21-Sem-V  View PDF, Sem-VI  View PDF 

  • Programme, Programme Specific and  Course Outcomes View PDF

Mr. A. R. Thorat
(Assistant Professor & Head)
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Mr. Nilesh Laxmikant Kulkarni
(Assistant Professor)
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Mr. Sachin Bhaginath Shinde
(Assistant Professor)
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Miss. Arti Ramesh Galande
(Assistant Professor)
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Mr. A. R. Thorat

Head of the Department,
Department of BCA,

Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya,
Vaijapur, Dist. Aurangabad –
Tel: +917387955011