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About the Department:

Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya was founded in June 1968 and the Department of Mathematics started functioning in the same year. Department has been offering undergraduate courses in Mathematics for many years, a distinction that has blurred in the recent past. The current topics of interest in the department are Algebra, Number Theory, and Generalized Fibonacci Sequences. In recent times the demand of students with a good Mathematics background is increasing. This demand is not only from educational institutions, but also from private companies. The number of students in the B. Sc. Mathematics Course is at an all-time high. Dr. S. S. Deshmukh, King Saud University, Riyadh, Dr. D. B. Lande Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad are some of the former students of the Department, who have distinguished themselves in the academic field.

From the inception, the Department has organized one national Conference on “Advances in Computational Mathematics” in 2013, A. D. Godase as organizing secretary. The department has organized two workshops for M. S. P. M. college teachers. Number of eminent mathematicians such as Dr. D. B. Dhaigude, Dr. M. B. Dhakne, Dr. M. M. Shikare, Dr. S. R. Chaudhari, Dr. P. L. Kirkire, Dr. D. D. Pawar, Dr. Kirtiwant Ghadle, Dr. S. K. Panchal, Dr. B. R. Sonttake, Dr. S. S. Bellale and many others have visited the department on a number of occasions.

The lectures were held in the college campus from 1968-71, with Prof. P. G. Shrivastav as the first Head. The other staff members at the initial stage were Prof. J. A. Thale, (who later transferred to Deogiri College in 72-73), Prof. V. S. Nikam joined department on 03rd July 1972. Since then Prof. S. B. Kivne, C. R. Bembalkar, R. P. Shastri, Mrs. R. E. Kapse, C. R. Bembalkar and at present A. D. Godase have been the Heads of the Department of Mathematics.

Prof. A. D. Godase of the department has undertaken one minor research project supported by U.G.C. The department also supports Mathematics activities organized by Marathwada Mathematical Society such as Ramanujan Quiz competition and seminar competition. The recent staff member in the department is Prof. A. D. Godase.


  1. Develop excellence in teaching, attract graduate students in Mathematics.

  2. To transform the raw student into Multidimensional Personality having competency in Mathematics.

  3. To maintain the role of academic leader at the college level.

  4. To provide a conducive environment for learning, teaching and research.

  5. To grow and develop as a self-sustaining unit of the college.

  6. Mathematics being a necessary tool for science and social science subjects, to enlarge support in Mathematics to the end-users and to improve linkage with industries.

Permanent Trends that hinder development of Indian Mathematics:

  1. Indian Mathematicians hesitate to update their research fields. They don’t “jump” from one area of research to another. The field they select for Ph. D. is the field they study till they retire. Instead, Mathematicians must be flexible and versatile.

  2. Every field in India remains strongly partitioned. Inter-disciplinary Mathematics is absent. (e.g. Algebra, Analysis, OR, Probability)

  3. New books in the market by authors here display only textbooks. Sometimes, Content of these is copied. They even carry wrong information. (E.g. Indempotency instead of Idempotency. Even teachers refuse to correct these mistakes)

  4. Majority of the students are mark-oriented and job-oriented. Knowledge is not given any importance.

  5. Absence of illustrative examples for theorems. Understanding of theorems is very poor and compensated by learning everything by heart, so no development.

  6. Project system was introduced to allow a lot of scope for original and innovative research skills. Unfortunately, it has been made into a flop.

  7. A major drawback is that research methodology is not being included in the curriculum. Students, even. Ph.D. scholars are incapable of writing research papers.

  8. “Rat race” and “Herd mentality”

Recent trends in Mathematical research:

  1. Biomathematics.

  2. Environmental Analysis.

  3. Research further into Geometry.

  4. Mathematical methods involving Material Design.

  5. Prediction Analysis.

  6. Safety and Precaution areas.

  7. Cryptography/Coding Theory/ Steganography.

  8. Sensor Analysis in Espionage.

  9. Mathematics of the DNA.

  10. Fuzzy Mathematics.

  11. Application of Mathematics in Voting.

  12. Actuary Work – Finance, Pension & Insurance.

  13. Security and related features in Networks.

  14. Image Compression.

  15. Financial decision making.

  16. Mathematics for storage of Finger Prints.

  17. Neutrosophy.

  18. Smarandache Notions.

A. Teaching Staff

A. Ph. D. Guide

B. Projects

C. Publications

  1. To start PG – M.Sc. in Department.

  2. To start P.G. Diploma in Industrial Mathematics.

  3. Organization of National and International Seminars.

  4. Conferences and workshops for the faculty & Students.

  5. To arrange National Ramanujan Quiz Competition in Mathematics.

  6. To arrange workshop on LATEX for students and faculties.

  7. To arrange workshop on Mathematica for students and faculties

Mr. A. D. Godase
Head and Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics
Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya, Vaijapur, Dist. Aurangabad- 423701.

Email: mathematicsdept@vpcollege.net