Extra & Co-curricular Activities

Mere classroom teaching is inefficient to bring about all round development of student is a major part of our perspective planning. In the global world of today students with manifold talents is in great demand in all walks of life. To reflect our goals and missions we established various associations to organize various Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities. These associations have given significant result over the years. Competitions, speeches of eminent persons, and other activities related to the student quality are undertaken through out the year. These associations’ functions through the participations of in charge teacher’s student secretaries on democratic basis seek greater participation from student community. The associations are as given below.

It is the latent instinct of every human being to express him self artistically through different fine arts we believe there is an author in every students. This association creates a plat from for such students generally language teachers are appointed as the in-charge on this association one student from senior college is nominated as the secretary and one from junior college as joint secretary. The activities carried out by this association throughout year are as follows -
Essay Competition
Poetry Recitation
Picture Exhibition
Celebration of Language Day
Elocution Competition
Debating Competition
Drama Presentation
Story Telling
Story Writing
New Writers Campaign etc.

This age is known as the age of science and technology. Inventions of science made man’s life easy and comfortable. This association work to develop scientific attitude in students. The teachers of science subject work as in charge of this association and are supported by Student Council. One student of senior college is nominated as the secretary and one from junior college as joint secretary of this association. The association aims at -
To conduct science related activities
To develop scientific attitude among students
To up-date students with national and international research
To promote the scientific activities in the college
To generate research attitude in the students
To generate interest about science in students

This association believes that man is social animal and organizes various activities to create citizens fit to live in society. These activities unfold the entire spectrum of social, political, economical, and historical life before our students. One student of senior college is nominated as the secretary and one from junior college as joint secretary of this association. The association aims at -
To create interest about social sciences among students.
To develop personality of students.
To organize various competitions related social, political, economical, and historical issues.
To prepare students to face challenges of competitive examination.
To organize lectures of eminent persons.
To organize wall poster painting on issues from Sociology, History, Economics, and Political Science etc.

This association undertakes activities related to commerce. One student of senior college is nominated as the secretary and one from junior college as joint secretary of this association. The association aims at -
To guide students about national and international currencies, budget of parliament, commercial importance of foreign policies etc.
To acquaint students with income and expenditure of government.
To guide students for job opportunities in various sectors.
To create interest for commerce subject among students and prepare them for competitive examinations.

The cultural association works for providing dais for presentation of cultural activity of students. Four teachers work as in charge of this association. This association arranges one cultural programme in first term and one in second terms.
This association prepares students to face challenges of state level competitions of culture, youth festival of university and other competitions organized by various institutions.
The association organizes following activities every year
Annual Social Gathering
Youth Festival
Dance Competition
Folk Song and Dance Presentation and (e.g. lavni, vasudev, koli adhiwasi nrutya, bhangada, bharud, bhajana, gaulan) Dumb show
Drama Presentation (loknatya and ekpatri) etc.

Rural girl students are shy and hesitate to express themselves. This association gives them a platform to expose themselves. Lady teachers act as the in-charge teachers of this cell. This cell is named after pioneer of woman education late Savitribai Phule in Maharashtra. This cell works for upliftment of rural women in every respect by following way
To remove inferiority complex from the girl students.
To generate feeling of equality with male counterparts.
To provide guidance and resolve their problems.
To organize different activities for generating confidence among girl students
To remove prejudices, superstitions, and promote literacy

This committee works as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. This committee organizes internal examinations. Project reports, tutorials, tests, oral tests and semester and annual examinations etc. The committee always strives to implement transparency, accountability to conduct free and fair in the examination.